Fancy a candy? I mean, who doesn’t?! How about a candy that offers you a unique experience? Well then, weed candies are what you’re looking for…

Weed candy is a type of edible cannabis. One of the main reasons that people choose to eat cannabis in the form of candy is because it greatly enhances the flavour. Many find the earthy and raw taste of weed not to their taste, so flavoured candy helps mask the dominant taste of weed, making it more pleasurable for them to consume and they are very easy to eat wherever you are. Another reason why people choose edible cannabis as opposed to smoking is because not everyone is comfortable with smoking, being concerned of the health implications.Today in Canada it’s so simple to order weed candy online!

We are often asked if smoking weed is more effective than consuming it in edible form.

It’s an understandable question so let’s look at the process a bit more deeply; when we infuse candy, we use exact measurements of substance, giving a predictable effect and information of how much active content is displayed on our products.

There is another very good reason to buy your weed candies from us – we do not brush a coating on the candies, or dust them, we properly infuse them.

Weed candies are often consumed by people looking for some relief from chronic pain, and they can also help those finding it difficult to sleep. In most other cases people with autoimmune disorders, nausea, and muscle spasms find them extremely beneficial. There are others that use it for their gastrointestinal disorders too.

As a consumer, we do take responsibility and encourage you to research our products and find out as much information as you can. Whilst our candies assure predictable effects as stated, there are other factors such as allergies etc, that you need to be made aware of and informed about. Many people have allergies to gluten, nuts, lactose, etc. If you have any concerns about allergies that you might have, do take extra care when you order weed candy online.

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What product do I go for if I’m looking to have as little taste of weed as possible?
If you are someone that does not like the taste of weed, then it’s best to choose strong flavours that will mask the weed's taste. Read the descriptions of each of our products to get an understanding of their taste. If you need any more help with this, we’re more than happy to provide it!
Is it cheaper to order weed candy online, or for me to make it at home?
There isn’t a straightforward answer to this one… You might be able make it cheaply, but when it comes to weed, we’d say that it’s best to trust professionals who know what they are doing. Therefore we think it is safer and that you’ll have a better product if you order weed candy online from a reliable source such as ours.
How many weed candies can I eat in a day?
Again, no simple answer to this one unfortunately. This varies from person to person because essentially each body reacts to drugs differently. Therefore it is always wisest and safest to start with a small dose and get to know your body first.
How long do the effects of weed candy last?
The exact amount of time a particular substance lasts is changeable, based on various factors such as body metrics, the method of consumption, and also the quality. What has been observed is around two to six hours. However, we must stress again that these are very rough estimates and will vary from person to person. Remember one of the biggest factors is quality and consistency of the product, so it’s important to choose a very reputable source to buy from.
Do weed candies expire or go off?
Candy is a form of food and therefore does have a shelf life. When you order weed candy online, please check the product page, it will provide specific details of the product and everything else you might need to know.
Can weed candy help with depression and anxiety?
Depending on what your candy is infused with, yes it may well do. Candies that are infused with cbd help calm the system and can reduce stress. It can also help relieve anxiety and aid better sleep. Depending on your specific symptoms, you can choose your substance accordingly to help your body and your mind.
Can children have weed candies?
As you now know, these candies are not normal candies that you buy from a high street candy shop.These candies are infused with weed, and strictly only to be consumed by adults. Please make sure to keep them well away from children. Their bodies are not able to handle the effects of weed and it is never a wise choice to experiment (especially with those below age). In the case of accidental consumption, do take them to the hospital to avoid harm. It is therefore very important to store your weed candies safely and securely, where children cannot gain access to them. As is with many medications, weed candies are not to be consumed by children.