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If you love Sativa, now is the perfect time to get to know it better!

Here’s the first thing to know about Sativa, it is one of the main three cannabis flowers. Indica and Sativa stand at opposing ends of the energy scale, Hybrid combines the best of both and delivers a pure matrimony of ecstasies. Sativa also has further special qualities that set it apart and lead many to crave its magic! – Sativa can be associated with creativity, an empowering sense of energy, and bull’s eye focus. It can put you in the right mood for great conversation and in an overall happy / giggly mood. You can think of Sativa as a companion that is full of life and vitality. If you crave a good time, Sativa is your plant! And where would you find the best Sativa strains in Canada? Good question! Well, you’re in luck, you’re already on the right page! With loads of options for your next Canadian Sativa shop at the click of a button – quality is everything after all, so why go anywhere else? Cannabis has been legalised here in Canada of course, but that doesn’t mean that all Sativa has been created equally!

Let’s delve a little into the anatomy of the Sativa strains. Genetically, the Sativa plant has long and slender leaves that taper towards the tip of the leaf. The chlorophyll density is much lower on the Sativa leaves themselves, and therefore appear lighter in colour. The buds of Sativa are longer and threadlike with visible gaps, appearing thinner and not as dense. The colour of these buds are reddish, or a deep orange hue. The THC ( delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol) is the component of the plant that gives the ‘high’. This high is also known to reduce pain, is anti-nauseant, can increase appetite, and uplift mood. The ratio of THC is higher in Sativa, enabling it to produce the energy inducing components more than with the Indica plant. However, the CBD (cannabidiol), the component of the plant that aids relaxing is also known to relieve pain, eliminate nausea, is anti-inflammatory, reduces anxiety, and takes control of seizures. The ratio of CBD is less in Sativa which is why it stimulates energetic feelings. The Sativa plant grows faster than other species of cannabis plants but it takes longer to fully-develop (between ten to sixteen weeks). This is another factor that makes it important to choose your supplier wisely. If you were to ask those in the know, they’ll tell you that the best sativa strains in Canada are from experts who know exactly when to harvest… they’ll wait till it’s just right to pick. Sativa grows to a length of about twenty feet in an outdoor setting. The light requirement for the Sativa plant is higher than other species and it enjoys a warmer climate. This is why, if you trace it back to its origins, you’ll find that it was cultivated mainly in countries that are closer to the equator. Cultivators of sativa in Canada today create a setting that is humid and warm, ensuring perfect climatic conditions for maximum growth and quality.  When describing the smell or fragrance of the Sativa plant, we would say that is has an amalgamation of earthy, sweet, yet citrusy aroma.

With the legalisation of cannabis here in Canada, many are looking for good quality Sativa. You might be surprised by how many claim to offer the best Sativa in Canada, but in reality don’t have the quality products to match the claim. We are extra stringent  with quality and don’t believe in making compromises, and we believe that our customers shouldn’t have to either.


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Is Sativa used medically?
It is used in moderation through studies and research to eliminate nausea in acute illnesses, and increase appetite in specific cases. Medical Marijuana strains are used as prescribed.
What is the difference between Sativa and Indica?
These are two main species of cannabis and have particular characteristics that set them distinctly apart. Sativa has a higher level of THC than CBD. This makes it suitable for daytime use when seeking energy, focus, creativity, a happy mood, high sociability, and also helps when it comes to striking up great conversation. As for Indica, the levels of CBD are higher in comparison to the THC. Therefore it aids with relaxation and helps promotes good sleep. It is best for night time as it soothes nerves and eliminates pain. The major difference between the two is the nature of the energy that it promotes.
Should I take Indica or Sativa for when I feel low?
Indica relaxes but Sativa strains induce happy feelings and stimulates mood. Sativa helps to uplift mood and make you feel energetic.
Can good Sativa be found in Canada despite its climate?
The local cultivators of Sativa in Canada grow it in artificial temperature settings so that it can grow very well indeed. Aside from growing here quality Sativa plants are also imported from countries that can cultivate it naturally.
What does Sativa help to promote?
Sativa strains have higher THC in them, helping to bring about a happy mood, boosting creativity, increasing focus, helping you to socialise and be involved with great conversation.
Can I use both Sativa and Indica?
To get the best of both worlds you can use hybrid strains that use both Sativa and Indica. Depending on what you like, the characteristics of each hybrid strains will help you choose between them.
How do I get the best strain of Sativa in Canada and how do I know it's the right one for me?
Good research and online reviews will help inform you of where to get good stuff from! Depending on your needs, you can look for particular strains that have the properties you desire. Any extra information you acquire will help you make an informed decision and help you choose the right product for you!