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Is it better to smoke or to vape we hear you ask? Vaping is the clear winner in our eyes! Why? Well we’ll tell you why, whilst at the same time offering you the best vape pen in Canada.…

Vaping uses a device such as a vape pen to turn substance into smoke. The process differs from traditional smoking as the vape pen itself heats the substance, no burning is required. The ‘atomiser’ as it is called, is a heating element that heats to 350-400℉. To get the best vaping experience it’s best to have quality and reliable equipment, and as such you should only buy from reliable sources such as ours – we supply the best vape pens in Canada. Vaping is healthier than smoking and allows intake of a purer form of cannabis than traditional smoking enables. Whilst smoking weed, the smoke generated contains a majority of non-weed particles, due to the burning process (most of which are toxic). When the substance is burnt, it produces carbon-monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and other toxic chemicals. With vaping, the substances aren’t destroyed due to combustion, instead the substance is evaporated into smoke form, without allowing anything else to join with it. So now you know why having a vape pen in Canada is better than smoking!

Another major reason why vaping is a great option is that it can work out cheaper for you. If you do the math, most of the substance is burnt via smoking, but with vaping you consume much more of it. Can you think of another reason why having a vape pen in Canada is better than having a smoke? – No?, then we’re happy to tell you!: Just think about the smell… Smoking produces a very dense smoke that has a heavy and lingering odour, it’s really difficult to get rid of it and is instantly recognisable.

Vaping on the other hand produces a light vapour that’s weightless. It can be flavoured with many different options… So much more of a pleasant experience for you and those around you! And if you need to, you can be much more discreet. So perhaps by now you are starting to see why having a vape pen in Canada wins hands-down over traditional smoking!?

Last but not least, a vape pen looks much more contemporary. A sleek pen with a smart little substance cartridge that you install, it’s all just so much more convenient, with a rechargeable battery that effortlessly replaces the hassle of matches and lighters. In most vape pens the mouthpiece is detachable for easy cleaning too. And… remember that there’s no ash, so no ashtray required either!

With vapes, you can completely control the intake of vapour, and vaping is much less harsh on your throat than with traditional smoking, and therefore it’s much less likely to irritate it. Vaping can also reduce anxiety, relieving fatigue, soothing the body and calming the mind. These two factors help to promote good sleep.

– We stand united then, the winner is a vape pen for Canada!



What are the benefits of using a Vape Pen?
The benefit of using a vape pen is that you get to intake cannabis in its pure form. It is very effective and also hassle free. The vapour is weightless and doesn’t carry the strong smell of burning. It is a very discreet way of taking weed. It is a good investment as it lasts longer and gram for gram is more effective than smoking.
I see 'V' and 'MAH' on the vape pen, what does that stand for?
These are abbreviations that are helpful to know when you come to buy a vape pen. 'V' stands for voltage and 'mAh' stands for milliamp hours. The voltage indicates the intensity of the electric power, whereas the milliamp hours inform you of the battery's storage capacity and any recharging information you might need.
How long do the batteries of vape pens last?
This really depends on how frequently it is being used and how it is taken care of. The standard battery life is around 2 years but in some cases they have been known to last even longer.
Is it possible to get a shock from the vape pen?
This is very unlikely. The device has been designed in a way that such a situation can’t happen.
Is it okay to use somebody else's vape pen?
People often might share a smoke or perhaps share a drink, as they may do with many other things. It really depends on your personal preference.
Where can I get a good quality vape pen in Canada?
With us you can be sure of getting a high quality vape pen in Canada. Our many loyal customers vouch for our products and we are very proud of all the quality products we supply.